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Current Projects

Evaluation of the Rider University STEM-Ed NSF Noyce Project (2015-2021)

Rider University received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program to implement STEM-Ed: A Grow-Your-Own Pipeline Program for Pre-Service Underrepresented High School Science Teachers. In addition to the traditional STEM and Education curriculum, STEM-Ed scholars will receive full-tuition scholarships, and will be trained in culturally Riderresponsive classroom management (CRCM) techniques as well as practices in science education for new civic-engagements and responsibilities (SENCER), which are hypothesized to promote retention in STEM teaching. This evaluation is intended to examine the quality of implementation of Rider University’s STEM-Ed project, as well as the affective, cognitive, and behavioral outcomes of its participants. Hezel Associates was hired to assess the implementation and impact of the project and the effectiveness of the proposed teacher development model in terms of its ability to recruit, prepare, and retain STEM students in teaching careers in high-need urban school districts.

Hezel Associates will use a mixed methods approach; specifically, researchers will use a convergent parallel design, where qualitative and quantitative data are collected separately and concurrently, in order to obtain adequate information for answering the research questions. Data will be collected through interviews with program staff and faculty, document reviews, and participant questionnaires. These data will be analyzed separately and then compared and contrasted to give an overall picture of the program findings. Brief, informal data summaries describing data collection/analysis methods and findings will be provided to project staff on a quarterly basis. A comprehensive final report which includes an executive summary, evaluation methodology used, summary of the project, presentation of formative and summative results, conclusions and implications, and recommendations for future research and sustainability will be completed at grant end (2021). The Hezel Associates team will also work with the PI to generate findings tailored to contribute to the body of research evidence relating to teacher preparation, with the goal of improving collective understanding of the factors that influence excellence in new STEM teachers.