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Current Projects

Delaware Technical Community College TAACCCT (Round 4) Evaluation (2014-2018)

Delaware Technical Community College (DTCC; www.dtcc.edu) consists of four campuses across the state of Delaware and has a history of U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) Trade Adjustment Assistance Community DTCCCollege Career Training (TAACCCT) grant wins for Rounds 1 through 3. In fall 2014, the USDOL awarded DTCC a Round 4 TAACCCT grant. Starting in January 2015, Hezel Associates was engaged as the external evaluator for the entire four-year project focusing on two DTCC programs: the Trane Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning Controls Center of Excellence Program and the Patient Care Technician Program. Hezel Associates conducts all evaluation activities associated with the grant, as required by the USDOL, addressing the development, implementation, and impact of the grant activities.

Hezel Associates is conducting a concurrent embedded mixed-methods study in order to answer the research questions. Hezel Associates researchers gather data using annual reviews of program documentation; interviews with key program staff, industry partners/stakeholders, and program participants; and review of extant data prepared by the college and state DOL. In order to assess the impact of the project on performance measures, Hezel Associates is using a quasi-experimental, matched participant design using propensity score matching to identify a comparison group for the programs of study. The Project Director and other stakeholders benefit from a formative and summative evaluation, including recommendations, supplied through three interim reports and one final report, to be delivered in September 2018.