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Current Projects

Manchester Community College TAACCCT (Round 4) Evaluation (2014-2018)

Manchester Community College (www.manchestercc.edu; MCC) is spearheading a Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT)-funded effort to implement multiple Manchesteradvanced manufacturing programs throughout Connecticut’s community college system. Hezel Associates was hired by MCC to conduct an implementation and impact evaluation of the Connecticut Advanced Manufacturing Initiative (CAMI). Hezel researchers will adhere to evaluation guidelines of TAACCCT-funded programs set forth by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL).

Hezel Associates researchers will use a quasi-experimental, matched participant design with a comparison cohort in order to fully understand the impact of the program activities on the desired educational and career outcomes. A mixed-methods approach will address implementation and intermediate student outcomes of CAMI programs by collecting data from multiple sources. Evaluation data for both implementation and impact will be collected by Hezel researchers using methods specifically designed for MCC, including program document review; interviews and focus groups with CAMI students; interviews of CAMI staff; interviews of employer and industry partners; student questionnaires; student dropout interviews; and retrieval of student outcome data, such as employment and wage data. Hezel researchers will analyze qualitative data to support quantitative findings, and provide MCC and partner colleges with evidence-based recommendations to continually improve CAMI. Hezel Associates’ annual reports will provide formative feedback to program staff that assists them in making informed programmatic improvements.