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Current Projects

Montgomery College TAACCCT (Round 4) Evaluation (2014-2018)

Montgomery College (www.montgomerycollege.edu) was awarded a U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) grant to implement the Cyber Technology montgomeryPathways Across Maryland (CPAM) program. This program represents the first statewide coordinated partnership of Maryland’s community colleges to offer cyber security training to TAA-impacted workers, veterans, the un- and underemployed, and other low-skilled adults, including women and minorities, who are underrepresented in the field. To assess the implementation quality and the intermediate student outcomes of the CPAM program, Montgomery College has partnered with Hezel Associates to perform a third party external evaluation. To accomplish this, The Hezel team designed a mixed methods study to support a rigorous formative and summative evaluation.

In this approach, qualitative data are used to further explain and elaborate upon the quantitative data, thus providing a solid understanding of the CPAM project’s progress in relationship to the strategies and goals outlined in the proposal to USDOL. Evaluation data for both implementation and impact will be collected using methods specifically designed for this study, including (a) program document review; (b) interviews of CPAM staff, CPAM faculty, and associated employers; (c) student questionnaires; (d) student focus groups; and (e) retrieval of student outcome data, such as employment and wage data. Data from each data collection method will be analyzed separately, then summarized, compared, and synthesized to answer evaluation questions related to implementation and impact. Hezel Associates will provide all required reporting to CPAM staff, including Interim and Final Evaluation Reports. The Interim and end-of-year evaluation reports provide formative feedback to program staff to assist them in making informed programmatic improvements, while the Final report will summarize methodologies and findings across all four years of the grant specifically addressing the impact of the CPAM program.