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Current Projects

Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE) - NSF STEP-UP Evaluation (2013-2018)

Under a National Science Foundation (NSF) (www.nsf.gov) grant, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (SIUE) (www.siue.edu) implemented the STEP-UP project with five objectives toSIUE increase enrollment and improve retention for engineering students.  Specific objectives include: increase the retention rate of freshman and sophomores by improving their chances of success in mathematics courses; implement a successful student tracking program to better monitor progress of students enrollment in specifics mathematics courses; engage students to the engineering community as early as possible by means of mentoring and various other activities; encourage eligible student to declare an engineering major; and increase the number of engineering graduates. Hezel Associates will conduct a mixed-method external evaluation on both the quality of implementation and the impact of the project. 

Hezel Associates evaluation will answer the summative research question: “How effective are the specific implementation strategies being applied to improve retention and graduation rates of engineering students at SIUE”, as well as the formative research question: “How might those implementations be improved?”  Following current theoretical understandings of the retention of students in sciences and engineering programs, the focus of this evaluation will be on self-efficacy.  Data collection will be done by the client using predetermined assessment tools.  Through this evaluation Hezel Associates will be able to identify the progress of the STEP-UP project. The evaluation plan will incorporate a measure of the success in meeting objective goals as well as the quality of implementation, and therefore opportunities for improvement.